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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2004The Obstetric Vesicovaginal Fistula: Characteristics of 899 Patients from Jos, NigeriaWall, Lewis .L; Karshima, Jonathan .A; Kirschiner, Carolyn; Arrowsmith, Steven .D
2014Obstructed Inguinal Hernia in Children: Case-Controlled Approach to Evaluate the Influence of Socio-Demographic VariablesLawal, T.A.; Egbuchulem, K.I.; Ajao, A.E.
2018Occupational Hazards: Knowledge, Attitude, and Perception of Medical Laboratory Scientists in NigeriaEkwempu, A.I.; Essien, U.C.; Naancin, V.; Polit, U.; Nnanna, O.U.
2010Occupational Predisposition to Dermatophytes and other Agents of Human Dermatitis in Jos, NigeriaMakinde, A.A.; Lombin, L.H.; Chuku, A.; Ta'ama, L.; Dalis, J.; Shaibu, S.J.; Irokanulo, E.A.O
9-Jan-2017Occurrence and Biodegradation of Kerosene by Aquatic Phycomycetes from Some Water Bodies in a Semi-Arid Area of NigeriaOdu, C.E.; Ogbonna, C.I.C.; Egbere, O.J.; Onyimba, I.A.; Tumba, T.; Abana, P.
2012Occurrence and Treatment of Common Health Problems in a Nigerian CommunityAuta, A.; Banwat, S.B; Dayom, D.W; Shalkur, D.; Avu, M.O
Nov-2015Occurrence of Cysticercus bovis and Faciola species in Cattle Slaughtered at the Jos AbattoirPam, D.D.; Pam, V.A.; Abdullateef, M.H.; Ogbu, K.I.; Bot, C.C.
2015Occurrence of Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Vegetables Sold in Jos Metropolis, NigeriaOkojokwu, O.J.; Akpakpan, E.E.; Ndubuisi, J.C.; Kolawole, O.T.; Okopi, J.A.
2006Occurrence of Enteropathogens in Traditional Weaning Cereal Pastes in Jos, NigeriaMawak, J.D; Ashamu, T.O
2014The Occurrence of Escherichia Coli Serotype 0157: H7 Among Humans in Some Parts Plateau State, Nigeria.Itelima, J.U.; Agina, S.E.; Ogbonna, A.I.; Nwaukwu, I.A.
2012Occurrence of Fluoride in the Drinking Waters of Langtang Area, North Central NigeriaDibal, H.U; Schoeneich, K; Garba, I; Lar, U.A; Bala, E.A
Dec-2006The Occurrence of Listeria monocytogenes in Faeces of Domesticated PoultryMawak, J.D; Onubogu, T.M; Chukwu, O.O.C; Ngulukun, S.S; Muhammad, M.J
2009Occurrence of Listeria Monocytogenes in Irrigation Water and Vegetable at Jos, Plateau State, NigeriaMawak, J.D; Dashen, M.M; Idolo, A.J; Chukwu, O.O.C
Mar-2014Occurrence of Potentially Hazardous Fungi in Exposed Brewery Spent Sorghum GrainsOnyimba, Isaac A.; Ogbonna, Chike I. C.; Chukwu, Chukwu O. O.; Odu, Collins C. E.
Jun-2018Occurrence of Salmonella and Shigella in Edible Frogs (Hoplobatrachus Spp) from Hanwa Frog Market Zaria, NigeriaKia, G.S.N.; Benjamin, E.A.; Ajani, E.O.; Otolorin, G.R.
9-Mar-2006Of Citizens and Citizens: The Dilemma of Citizenship in NigeriaTyoden, Sonni Gwanle
2014On Interior-Point Methods, Related Dynamical Systems Results and Cores of Targets for Linear ProgrammingUkwu, Chukwunenye
2014On Optimal Computational Algorithm and Transition Cardinalities for Solution Matrices Of Single–Delaylinear Neutral Scalar Differential Equations.Ukwu, Chukwunenye
May-2014On Path-Following Dynamical Systems Trajectories for Linear Optimization Problems in Standard FormUkwu, Chukwunenye
2014On Regression Approach to ANOVA DesignsUkwu, Chukwunenye
Showing results 1539 to 1558 of 2345
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